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Erin Antrim
Chief Executive Officer

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Omar Zapata

Director of Program Services

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Andrew Peake

Director of Advancement

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Stephanie Bybee
Finance Manager

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Ashley Lyden

Director of Operations and Human Resources

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Alexis Minie

Director of Special Events and Marketing

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Stephanie Segura

Administrative Office/Resource Development Assistant

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Laura Flores

Director of School Based Programs


Osvaldo Godina

Director of Expanded Learning Opportunity Programs (ELOP)


Monique Garcia

Unit Director - Reiter Family Youth Center

Gabriela Flores

Unit Director - Port Hueneme Club

Oscar Arellano

Unit Director - Harriet H. Samuelsson Teen Center & Brent's Club Director

Jovina Collado

Unit Director - Martin V. Smith Youth Center


Cristal Ferrer

Juvenile Justice Facility Coordinator

Mariana Cazares Morataya, M.P.A.

Director of Prevention & Intervention Programs


Diana Fernandez

Lead Teen Empowerment Advisor

Claudia Arellano

Teen Empowerment Advisor

Nora Calderon

School Based Program Specialist

Andrew Franco

STEAM & Data Coordinator


Tom Barber II 

Director of Continuous Quality Improvement  and Training

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