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The Kindness Program was created and established in the year 2020 by Lori Milgard and CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of WSGV JR Dzubak. The Be Kind program, later renamed Kindness is Free Program was designed to teach students how to look inward, show respect, treat everyone equal, and be considerate of others. The focus is to provide tools to empower students and create a better understanding of Kindness through Mindfulness and other activities which can drastically improve social & emotional behavior and create safer clubs and communities at large. The program quickly found success with club members, parents and the larger community and on August 30th, 2021 the program was highlighted in a feature story* in The Wall Street Journal

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Contact Us


Jennifer Taibi
Kindness Coordinator


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme

126 East Seventh Street, CA 93030

Phone: 805.483.1118 ext. 309


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In 2022 the program saw tremendous growth starting with the first ever Kindness is Free Carnival hosted in Boyle Heights for over 400 club members to celebrate kindness with carnival games, food, a petting zoo, and other kindness related activities. Later in 2022, the program expanded to include The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oxnard and Point Hueneme. By the end of 2022, the Kindness is Free Program had begun to do presentations inside the classroom and provided kindness pop-ups at schools, businesses, and corporate partners of the club across the city. In 2023, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme will dedicate the entire year to Kindness and plans to have its biggest and most successful year to date.

Kindness is Free

The Kindness is Free Program wants to empower the next generation to be kind.


The Kindness Pledge

The Kindness pledge is at the heart of our kindness program.


Schedule a Kindness Pop Up

The Kindness Program is mobile and can be hosted anywhere!

Kindness is a gift everyone can give.


Not only to others, but also to ourselves.

What is Kindness?

Kindness is the sincere and voluntary use of one's time, talent, and resources to better the lives of others, one's own life, and the world through genuine acts of love, compassion, generosity, and service.

Kindness is all the different ways - both big and small - we express care, concern, and consideration for ourselves and those with whom we share the world.

There are three aspects of kindness...

MIND - A healthy mind gives you clarity. You can be kind to your mind by meditating, getting enough sleep, taking time off, and doing something you enjoy.

BODY - A healthy body gives you strength, vitality, and energy. You can be kind to your body by exercising, stretching, eating a balanced diet, and practicing yoga.

SOUL - A healthy soul helps you experience positive emotions. You can be kind to your soul by connecting with nature, practicing gratitude, and being compassionate to yourself and others.

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