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Brent's Club is a sober club that is offered to middle and high school youth. The club provides incentives for participants to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol. Members of the club voluntarily participate in a saliva drug test once a week.

Participants who test positive receive private, discreet counseling. Those who stay sober are rewarded with incentives which include field trips, gift cards, and special events.​

Brent's Club is generously supported by The Brent Shapiro Foundation.

Weekly Meetings

All Brent’s Club members are expected to attend every week, where there can be curriculum sessions, guest speakers, field trips, special events, or a combination of these. Through their hard work and dedication, our members receive a certificate of completion and a gift card at our Brent’s Club Certificate Ceremony. When they are seniors in high school, they are also eligible to apply for a college scholarship that would award them a minimum of $5,000 up to full ride.

Community Service

Members participate in a community service project each month. Some examples include: dinner service at local missions, community and beach clean ups, collecting items to donate to the unhoused, and more.

Social Skills Counseling Groups


Through active listening and engagement, members learn conflict resolution as well as empathy towards people struggling with addiction, who can be villainized. Members learn about the traumas that lead to addiction, and how an addict can receive help or any resources to battle addiction. There are in-depth discussions about the social, mental, and physical consequences of drug and alcohol abuse as well as actions someone or their support team can take to combat these consequences.






















About the Brent Shapiro Foundation

The Brent Shapiro Foundation was founded by Robert and Linell Shapiro, in 2005 after the tragic passing of their son, Brent, to drug addiction. Together they decided to turn the pain of their loss into a passion to prevent the disease of drug addiction.

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